Blog #5: Googling Myself

I recently had an assignment where I was tasked with Googling myself. Before I did, though, I came up with a few ideas as to what I thought may pop up, and after searching myself. This blog post is going to be covering the before, during, and after of this assignment.

Right off the bat, I thought I had a pretty good feeling as to what was going to pop up. I instantly thought about one of my cousins, who is also named Eric Azagury. He lives on St. Barthelemy, a Caribbean island, and owns a luxury yacht catering service with his wife Pia. They have a store called American Gourmet, and they cater yachts for A-List celebrities. If you for some reason want to check out his website, click here. I┬áthink there is a strong chance that many of his profiles and pictures are going to pop up during the search. Besides him, I think that there are going to be many of my current and past social media profiles. As far as images, I feel like there are going to be a few that I won’t be able to tell you about because I don’t know them. There also may be a few pictures of me, who knows.

It was time to conduct the search, and I was honestly quite excited since I haven’t googled myself before. The first link that pops up is a list of Facebook profiles with the name Eric Azagury. There are 7 different profiles, mine being the top one, my cousin being 2nd. I’m not sure who the other 5 are. Maybe distant relatives. Then, there are a bunch of LinkedIn profiles, Instagrams, and all other social medias. In the images, the first thing that pops up is the cover to my High School Final Project, there is a link to that video under the “My Film” tab above. There are some pictures of my cousin, a few of me, and then the rest are a bunch of random pictures that have absolutely zero meaning to me.

I think this activity was very cool because I was able to see what comes up when people search for me. This could be important later in life when I’m looking for jobs. I can see what employers will see when they look up my name. In a way, the search results are like my digital identity. It has all of the different places where I express myself on a single page. I noticed that there were a few pictures that came up from years and years ago, when I was first getting into social media. That shows that no matter where or when you post something, it always remains on the internet. So be careful as to what your post because anybody in the world can see it!

-Big E

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