Blog #4: Were College Students Better Off Before Social Media?

After reading the article, “Were College Students Better Off Before Social Media?”, I found it crazy how students in college just 15 years ago didn’t even know about a lot of things that us students today use daily. The college norm back then was significantly different from the college norm today. The author talked about how when he was in college, each dorm room had its own landline and phonebook. Also, nobody used laptops since there wasn’t any WiFi. If you took a group of current college kids and sent them in a time machine to 15 years ago, I doubt they would be able to manage college back then for even a week.  In todays society, we heavily rely on laptops as our source of completing assignments, taking notes, and much more. It also seemed as if Friedersdorf appreciated life better when technology didn’t play much of an impact when he mentioned that he was never aware how good he had it back then.

As I was reading the article, my eye caught onto a very thought-provoking statement. Friedersdorf mentioned that, “Today’s students are more likely than their predecessors to have what they do on campus exposed to the wider world, even when they’re not trying to draw mass attention to themselves”(Connor Friedersdorf), and, “Publish a college newspaper article and you might find yourself trending on Twitter or on the front page of Reddit”(Connor Friedersdorf). A lot of the time, sports teams and clubs reach out to the rest of the school via social media. Nowadays, even if your post is aimed for a smaller audience, it could easily go somewhere you don’t want it to go. It only takes one person to repost it, retweet it, etc.

Friedersdorf asked a very interesting question regarding what would happen if social media disappeared. I think the main thing that would change is the workflow across campus. Since many people use technology for a lot of their classes, having it disappear would have a lot of people very confused and lost. After a while, though, I feel like it may actually be a positive thing since people won’t spend hours a day on their phones. This will most likely lead to a more close-knit community, which is always a good thing to be a part of. Because of social media, a lot of people don’t feel the need to go out and see their peers in social media, which is unfortunate.

Overall, I definitely think there are both positives and negatives with technology I think it is good because a lot of people benefit from it. It makes work easier and helps you stay organized and on top of things. But, there are things everybody needs to be aware of. Things on the internet have the ability to spread like wildfire. So make sure you watch what you post. Also, I encourage people to get outside and actually talk to people. We’re still all human.

-Big E


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